The Vienna Diaries – Day Two: Museums

So following our trip to Schönbrunn on day one, which you can read about here day 2 of our break took us to the museums and the aquarium. When I started looking at Vienna a few years ago, the range of weird and wonderful museums really caught my eye. You’ve everything from a globe museum through to a torture museum. Brutal.

Some of the museums do have short opening hours, so it’s best to try and plan ahead. We definitely need to go back because out of all of them we only managed the aquarium and torture museum. Kind of saddened that we didn’t get to do more, but since we used to hop on hop off bus to get there it gave us shorter times to have a look around.

Billy Joel once sung a song about Vienna waiting for you. It doesn’t Billy, it really doesn’t.

The Haus de Meeres – Aquarium, is a little out from where were staying and a 15 minute walk from the main museum quarter but it is worth it. Stretched over 11 floors, the aquarium is home to Crocodiles, Lizards, Snakes and turtles plus much more. Watch out for the handrails on some of the floors, they have ants in them. The most nerve-wracking bit for me was the beginning of the aquarium where you have to walk through the tank, with a glass bottom floor. So proud of myself that I made it through it. I hate clear flooring.

Floor 9 and 11 give you the opportunity to take in the views of Vienna, we only made it to floor 9, I was starting to get major vertigo!! But it still gave some beautiful views of this gorgeous city.

(Just outside the aquarium is a small park and a climbing wall for visitors to enjoy)

Following our trip to the aquarium, Chris (and myself) wanted to go to the Torture museum. This is only a small museum, and doesn’t take more than half an hour. If you have your Vienna pass you get a reduced rate and pay 4.50EUR as opposed to the regular 6EUR. The receptionist was really helpful and gave us an English guide explaining each of the sections, most of the information on the wall is in German. It was quite interesting to learn about the different ways people were tortured in the past. Some more gruesome than others, but if you want something different and away from the norm then I’d recommend this.

Given the 33 degree heat outside and the miles we’d walked we had called it quits for the day at this point as we had a walk back to the bus stand and back to the hotel too. I’m hoping that I can go back again, just to have a museum weekend.

Next week i’ll be blogging about day 3 and our visit to Prater Park!

Until next time,

ps – Do you like to visit museums? What’s the most interesting attraction/museum you’ve been to?



  1. I know what you mean about clear floors- I struggle with it, makes me feel very uneasy.
    Torture museum sounds very unique but it’s definitely something I would be interested in going to.
    I hope you had a nice time. The photos of the city look very nice. 😊 xx


    1. Thank you! It really was great and we missed out so much! Definitely need more than a few days there as the museum’s they have are so strange. They open at odd times though so you only have a small window to visit them!
      Clear floors scare me so much, when I was little I cried my eyes out in a sports shop as they had clear panels in the stairs with shoes in them, I was convinced that I would fall through and my shoes would be taken 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome! Yes give you plenty more time to explore. That’s cool. Oh right you have to seize the opportunity haha.
        Awh… I do worry that they are going to break haha but you did it so well done. 😊 X

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I have always wanted to go to Vienna – it looks amazing! And I wasn’t even aware of the ridiculous amount of museums before now. I absolutely love learning, so I tend to enjoy museums as a result – Kelvingrove Gallery in Glasgow is incredible. I live near, and have been a lot, but I always find new things each time I go. ☺️


    1. Honestly it’s such an amazing city, some odd sights at times (drunken man alseep with trousers round his ankles in a park in broad daylight 🤷)
      I think jet2 have some really good deals from either Glasgow or Edinburgh!

      I have never been to Glasgow, but we’re looking to stay closer to home with breaks soon, so a trip there may be worthwhile and I’ll check out the gallery recommendation 😊)


    1. It’s one of them you’d walk past it without realising, if you do ever go it’s just near the aquarium in Vienna. I’d recommend it as not many people visit so you can take time to look properly rather than bs rushed by a crowd! 🙂


    1. 😦 I’m sorry to hear that!

      I think if you had the time and the money you can get there on one of those interrail passes. You’d probably have to venture through a lot of places though, but I guess on the upside you could explore more places! 🙂


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