The Vienna Diaries; Day One: Schönbrunn Palace Gardens & The Zoo

If you’ve been following me on Social Media, you’d have probably figured out I’ve been out of the country and visiting the lovely city of Vienna in Austria. I’ve wanted to go to Vienna since probably around 2014, i think it was due to Conchita winning the Eurovision song contest, and I took huge interest in the city with it’s weird and wonderful museums. I’m going to write a few posts about our trip. Starting with the beautiful Schönbrunn palace gardens and zoo.

The palace is accessible on the hop on hop off bus (the company using the yellow and green busses) on the yellow route. The hop on hop off bus is free to Vienna Pass holders (just ensure your card is validated) for the duration of the card. Depending on where you are, it can take quite a while to get there, we had to change routes halfway through to get on the yellow route which took up its time.

You definitely need a good few hours at Schönbrunn, there’s a number of different things in the area, including the children’s museum, the maze, the palace itself, the gardens and the zoo. The gardens are free to access and are open daily between 06:30 and 21:00 in the main season.

I’m not normally one for gardens but these were amazing. The main gardens led up to a gorgeous water fountain, which was playing backdrop for a photographer taking some prom/bridal wear photos.

Just behind the fountains you can walk up a hill to The Gloriette  and enjoy the views of the main palace and Vienna. Our main reason for the visit was the zoo, which was basking in glorious sunshine, honestly it was so hot, so if you do go on a hot day take plenty of money with you for ice creams, ice lollies and drinks. The water we took with us became warm really quickly.

The Zoo, which is the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world, houses a number of animals, but the main reason for our visit was the pandas. I’ve visited Edinburgh zoo for their pandas, but missed out as they were snuggled away out of the cold. But the ones in Vienna were so active, and I managed to get some gorgeous pictures. There were 2 that gained the crowds attention immediately, as they kept pushing each other down and tumbling over.

The zoo is included in the Vienna pass, which you can just scan at the ticket gate upon entry, you can only use the pass once for entry to the zoo. Make sure you pick up a free zoo map before you go in, as the zoo is huge, and you can easily get lost!

Unfortunately, it was so hot, we did have to cut our journey short as we were beginning to feel unwell from the heat, even with a lot of water and ice lollies to keep us cool. For those not so sunny days, there is a café on site which was serving a variety of hot items.

And like our day, I’ll cut this short and leave you with some pictures of our trip to Schönbrunn and the zoo




  1. Oh, Vienna! (It was an 1980s song, lol.) It sounds like a lovely place to add to my long list…
    Tracy @bloggerbythesea x


  2. I’ve always wanted to go to Austria, it looks amazing! I’m sorry you had to cut your trip to the zoo short (I’d be the same, cannot cope with heat!) but I’m so glad you got to see the pandas! I live in Edinburgh and I’ve still never bothered going to see the ones here haha!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety


    1. I’m glad you don’t have to pay extra at Edinburgh to see them. We literally walked through a viewing area and saw nothing!
      They are super cute though, it’s like my partner said once you’ve seen one zoo you’ve probably seen them all but I HAD to see the pandas! Well worth it 😁


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