Delicious Doncaster – Food and Drink Festival


It’s been a busy few days for Yorkshire, with the Tour De Yorkshire event taking place over the past few days. I did catch a bit of it on telly, as cycling is not something that overly interests me (to be fair, is any sport!) . But kudos for them cycling in this glorious weather and it’s been great for Yorkshire as a county to host such a big event!

Here in lil’ ol’ South Yorkshire, Doncaster have been hosting their Delicious Doncaster Food and Drink Festival over this early May bank Holiday weekend.


Yesterday, which was the second day of the 4 day event, I took my nan for a belated birthday treat to see the cooking demo featuring The Hairy Bikers!

The streets down towards Doncaster’s award winning market were lined with food stalls, a majority of which I did notice were hot dogs and burgers. They smelt amazing, I’m not going to lie. But it was so overcrowded, it was difficult to get near or by to sample anything 😦
But all is well as I’m trying to stay away from junk foods at the moment!
We arrived at the marquee where the event was taking place, awaiting Dave and Si to come on to the stage, I’d never been to a cooking demonstration before so it was all new to me (praying they didn’t cook anything with peppers due to allergies! Yay! They didn’t). They were introduced by Jane from Olive and Vine Wines who did an amazing job at hosting even though she was nervous.
We were then treated to three demonstrations, which the ingredients were all purchased from Doncaster Market;

Dave’s One pan chicken – can’t find the link for this one 😦
Si’s Classic Burger
and Dave’s Apple and Blackberry Crumble

The demonstration / show (however you describe these things) was obviously live to us, so there was no editing from the good ol’ BBC. The no-filter show was full of laughter, (some) audience participation and good home cooked food. Perfect for winter (on a hot spring day!)


Until next time,

Doncaster Market itself is open fully 3 days over the week, and has varying stalls on another 3 days. (Monday – Saturday). Further information can be found here.

Catch the remainder of @VisitDoncaster  ‘Delicious Doncaster Food and Drink Festival’ between 4-7 May 2018 at Doncaster Market.






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