London – Surprise Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was my better halfs big 3-0, so I decided to throw in a few surprises along the way.

cakeMuch to his disgruntlement, I asked he get up early so we could start our journey. All I instructed him to do on his birthday was to get up and ready and pack an overnight bag.
Since we were leaving rather early, we had mandatory birthday cake for breakfast whilst he opened his cards, but there’s no calories in birthday cake right?

So with still no clue where we were heading, we got on the bus through to town and to the train station. I had to try and keep him from looking at the information boards, I wanted to reveal where we were going the actual train. But stupid Abby, forgot that there’d be an announcement on the platform when the train was due. I tried to talk over it as much as I could but he heard the ‘Kings Cross’ announcement. Boo. Though he was still trying to work out where Kings Cross was…. And I thought I was bad at geography.

So on we went to London, as part of the weekend I’d booked the sealife and Madame Tussauds combi-ticket. I might actually post about these activities separately as they could be quite lengthy! Yes, I’ll do that!

We spent our first afternoon at Sealife before checking into Park Plaza County Hall. The hotel knew we were staying for a birthday celebration so they even gave us a bottle of wine, balloons and a birthday card. How cute!

We had fantastic views of the London eye as well, so it looked amazing with all the lights at night. The hotel was great from start to finish, staff were really lovely and as our room was not yet ready we were given a free drink in the bar (unsure if this is something they do for all guests anyway?) I also fulfilled a dream and ordered room service! Omg the chocolate cake was to die for and I’d paired it up with ice cream so it was heaven on a plate.


I’d got the room on, as they had a deal on we booked one of the executive suites (can’t remember the exact room type) with London eye view and breakfast – this was on the 12th floor. Which if you suffer from vertigo, can be quite entertaining going in the lift!

The room had 2 tv screens, so we were able to rent a film in the lounge area, it had a fridge, sink, coffee machine a bath and a shower. Which was heavenly!

PP County Hall is about a 20 minute walk to Leicester Square so we headed up there to go to M&Ms world and Planet Hollywood for some food. It was also a really lovely walk back as they were putting stuff up in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations.


We checked out after breakfast with no issues at all and headed to the tube station next door to start our second day of activities. Trying to follow google maps and information for the underground was a bit of a bugger as it told us to get off at a completely different  station than what we needed to for Tussauds. So we took a cab ride, which wasn’t too costly luckily.

Following Tussauds (which I’ll write about in another post) we visited the Natural History museum, a lot has changed since I last went about 4 years ago. The dinosaur isn’t in the main entrance anymore. Chris wanted to go as he hasn’t been since he was really little, so it was a perfect time to go. Upon leaving, we went to the Tube station to find one of my greatest fears – THERE WERE ONLY ESCALATORS to the platform. Now, personally I don’t mind if I have to walk down stairs. But why in this day and age are we running an underground system that doesn’t have a lift in each station?! Especially the ones used for tourist attractions, how are disabled members of the public supposed to travel around London at ease?


It was London that gave me a fear of escalators anyway as I fell down some about 6 years ago, I can manage going up, but down. No thank you. So being miles from Kings Cross for our return journey home, the tfl site being as useful as a chocolate fire guard – I had to pay a lovely sum to a very nice cabbie to take us. Bet he thought all this birthdays had come at once with that fare! (still, not as much as I expected)
So, on we were for our journey home, to get some sleep before the flight to Barcelona the day after, which forms next weeks blog post!

Until next timesignature





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