Freedom Child Tour – Night 1 – Leeds, UK

For those of you that know me, or follow me on social media, will see I still fangirl over one particular band – The Script. Yes, those three lovely, lovely Dubliners are back with their 5th album ‘Freedom Child’, new tour and new sound and I was there on the opening night.

I’ll start this post on a subject that inspired the album and tour – what is freedom?

Freedom to me is a sense of being who and what you wish, with no boundaries. Personally, (without being cliche) my sense of freedom comes from standing in that concert venue, being in a crowd and watching these guys play. I feel alive, I have no cares in the world and I forget all of my troubles. It’s a feeling so euphoric, it’s like an addiction in a sense, I just want to go back for more.


The guys were supported by the  Ella Eyre, I’ve seen Ella a couple of times before as a support act and as part of a mini-festival, and I always felt that she wasn’t getting the reaction she deserved, but  thankfully it wasn’t the case this time. She had us all singing along with her and got us well and truly warmed up!

Onto the main event, Danny, Mark and Glen emerged from behind a dropped curtain (still trying to workout how the crew managed to sneak them in there!!) with the first note of Superheroes and BAM the crowd were embraced in their Irish charm. From the start they had the crowd under their control for the whole night, with performances on a different level (literally!) they take us through 10 years of The Script history up until the present day.

Yet again, I was mesmerised by not only the interaction from the guys with the audience, with Mr O’Donoghue running amongst the crowds. He had his security on their toes for sure.

With a set list of 18 songs, Danny belted out classics such as ‘The Man Who Can’t be Moved’ , ‘Nothing’ and ‘Breakeven’. Mark treated us all to his vocals through tracks such as ‘If you could see me now’ and ‘Wonders’ and Glen put on an amazing performance on the drums as always! I have seen that they’d performed a different setlist in Manchester so who knows what other surprises they have up those sleeves.

And so came the end *Sad face*,  My highlight of the night is definitely hearing ‘Wonders’ live!

I’m left with the worst gig hangover ever! My head is still pounding and I feel like I’ve eaten sandpaper  and I’m in desperate need for a sausage sandwich and orange juice (which is a must after a night out)

If you haven’t had chance to see them yet and get the chance to, honestly take it! (or offer me the ticket hahaha 😉 )

I’ll wrap this up now – the post probably makes very little sense, (i’m feeling shocking right now!)

Just on an end note – the lads say ‘music is the home for your pain’ and along with my nearest and dearest, they are the home for my pain, the stuff I’ve been through in my life their words have pulled me through.

If ever, by any chance that this ‘review’ ever graces their sight – I just want to thank them for everything they’ve done for myself and a lot of others over the years. They’ve give us a home, a bigger family and a sense of belonging. 



The Script ‘Freedom Child’ is out now, tickets are still available for a number of UK and Ireland dates.

Until next time….


Who’s your favourite artist to see live?
What would be your dream festival line-up?
What does freedom mean to you?


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