Top 5…. Television

In the run up to Christmas trying to save as much money as possible, myself and Chris found ourselves binge watching a TV series. This is something I’ve only ever done once before which was earlier in 2017. As we finished the series it got me thinking the shows that I favour so much, so thought I’d do a blog post on them if you find yourself with time to spare and want recommendations.


Based on the life of Walter O’Brien, a group of geniuses who are unable to connect with ‘normal’ people help Homeland security solve complex cases. Part of the team is a young boy called Ralph who is way ahead of his peers in terms of intelligence. His mother, Paige, supports the team in understanding the world and helping the world understand them. I became addicted to this series as it is about a group of outsiders that may seem a little strange to the world and can’t recognise emotion very well. There’s many of times I’ve felt like the outsider, I don’t know there’s just some comfort in this series that I connect with. Chris brought me Season 3 for Christmas so I can finally watch it after a long wait! Missing out on a whole series because our TV network scheduled the last season at such a ridiculous time!

Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is about a young doctor – Zoe, who wishes to become a heart surgeon and instead finds herself moving away from New York to the small town of Bluebell. Feeling like an outsider (there’s a theme going on here – with the shows I like) she struggles with the change of lifestyle and the people of Bluebell’s ways as tries to make her mark as the new towns new GP.

I was gutted when this had been discontinued in the UK after season 2 – luckily I managed to find myself Season 1-4 in Tesco earlier last year. I really must start watching this again.

Desperate Housewives

Following the lives of the residents of Wisteria lane, Desperate housewives allowed me to lose myself from my own reality and focus on someone else’s life for once. In a back-handed way, with all the drama within the series, it was my escape. It made me feel at ease. (Yes, I know it’s fictional) I actually liked the show so much I wanted to go and move into the lane and have friendships like the 4 main characters had. Don’t know why, as I don’t think it’d be the healthiest choice, but though the residents of the street were very cliquey the show did give off some togetherness in the community.

Tru Calling

After the death of her mother, a medical graduate, Tru, discovers she’s able to live her days again in order to help people. In the first run of day a person dies, usually wrongfully, and in their dying moments calls on Tru for help. The day then starts over and Tru aims to change the course of events. Another show that allowed me to escape from reality and not have to focus on my own life, as though you may feel you know what’s going to happen, there’s plenty of twists and turns in an attempt to delay Tru’s efforts of help.

My Mad Fat Diary

Based on the books by Rae Earl we follow Rae’s journey after leaving a psychiatric ward, and trying to gain some sense of normality in her life. The series focusses on Rae battle through her self-confidence, her image, her relationship with food and her mental health. The series started at the right time in my life, as I was able to relate with the issues themed in the show.

It’s been sorta difficult to explain how I’ve connected with these shows, but they all helped in their own way. The common theme being the majority based around not being able to fit and I guessed that’s what I latched on to, making me watch each episode religiously.

Do you have any shows/films that have helped you during difficult times?
What shows are you currently watching / do you recommend?
Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time….

Ps…. I’m currently trying to promote celebrating the ‘smallest’ of achievements when battling Mental Health. Please check out my #todayIWas post find out all about my idea and Join In 😘


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