Versatile Blogger Award

So another impromptu post – twice in one week.

This post is about the Versatile Blogger Award for which I’ve been nominated by  by the wonderful Cara She’s some great posts regarding Mental Health and how different things can effect it including Travel and Exercise. So make sure you check her out!

What’s it all about?

To be fair I really didn’t know – I’m still such a newbie to blogging so I’m learning about different things every day! There’s so much! But I am all for celebrating great work / acheievements (and to be nominated is a highlight of my week)

What do you have to do?
Upon receiving the nomination, and if you choose to accept take the time and thank the person who nominated you. They didn’t have to! Share seven facts about yourself and nominate fifteen other bloggers.

Here’s a lil’ bit about me –

  • My favourite bands are The Script, Walking on Cars and Fall Out Boy
  • I once went to 4 gigs in the space of 5 days it was a killer (and 3 were for the same band – mum wanted to take me to one as a birthday present, I then won a competition to meet them at another location, and i’d booked to see them with a friend)
  • Bonfire Night and Christmas are my favourite events of the year.
  • I gain my sense of freedom at a gig or by travelling
  • I once had a poem published – nothing too special it was a school project thing
  • My geography is shocking – I used to think Cardiff and Belfast were in Scotland. I now know that this isn’t the case.
  • Sorry but fries and nuggets should have ice cream as a dipping sauce option (or at least milkshake)

My fifteen

As I’m new to blogging I’m still discovering new ones, some I may not have interacted with the owner that much and I’m sorry about that, and sorry if you’ve already done one of these posts 🙂















Thank you for writing such great posts! And thanks again Cara for the nomination 😘


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