Hello 2018…

I had planned to do a whole year in review but I honestly can’t remember that much about 2017. Jeez, my memory is shocking! It doesn’t seem two minutes since we were ringing in the last new year, it’s all seemed a bit of a blur really.

I’ve hit some low points during the last 12 months – having a break down in a hotel room at 2am after a fantastic few days away, stemmed a spiral of negativity that I’m still trying to get out of. That said, I’ve had some big highlights – my first ‘proper’ holiday abroad in Malta, numerous shows / concerts, and little weekends away and not forgetting I’m now a Bride to Be (still feels so weird to say that!)   It’s not that I’m ungrateful over the highlights over the year, I appreciate every opportunity and every moment I’ve enjoyed, but negativity still overshadows these things. Damn, I hate my head.

So anyhow – here are my goals for 2018:

Well the introduction to this post started me off well….. ooops. But I’ve still got another 364(.5) days to put this in practice.

2017, saw me caught up in everything going wrong – which sucked the fun out of everything. There’s only so much that I can control.  I was told about the ‘Circle of Control and Influence’ reading up about it it’s apparent I’m a reactive person – very reactive. One main issue with me is the fact I’m focussing so much on the next thing I’m sorting that I’m not enjoying what’s going on right in front of me.

I suppose it ties in with the first two goals – I can take an opinion on board, but then I can choose what to do with it. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion, doesn’t make it the ‘right’ one.

I’ve brought a great planner from the Calendar Club the ‘Get it Together: with Sarah Scribbles’ by Sarah Andersen. The planner includes a page a month overview section and also a weekly planner for 16 months (September 2017 – December 2018) each week comes with a little comic strip which I find so relatable and funny.

To be fair, I am actually quite good with my money. I’ve seen it from both sides where whilst I was younger my mum literally had £5 to spend on meals and power for 3 people for a week. So I do appreciate the value and importance, to know how to save sensibly. I’ve come up with a pretty decent saving plan, which still allows us to enjoy ourselves! Woah who’d have thought!? I just have to be strict and not dip into savings.
I think I shock people when I book as many breaks and concerts that I do. But it’s all about being smart and knowing where to go, plus I don’t drink or smoke so that pays for itself. That said, I did kind of spent more than I should have at Christmas , but I was buying necessary things for people. I’ve also got Chris’s 30th I’m preppin’ for, which though it may seem I’ve spent loads, I actually haven’t.

I can’t wait to move into our first home, hopefully we’ll get one this year. I’ve already found my ideal sofa! 🙈 I was saying only the other day I hope to be in by Halloween so we can throw a big spooky housewarming & I genuinely can’t wait to cook my first Christmas dinner. If we have a summer move I’m moving Christmas too! Christmas in July anyone?

I’d lost so much weight at the beginning of 2017, I was going in the right direction – but things happened. I’d turned back to binge eating and all that hard work had been undone. I’d been looking through photos the other day, and I sat and cried about how much I’d put on in the past 10 or so months. I’ve found my old meal plan out – which worked so well before, don’t know why I hadn’t stuck to it. I was still able to eat things I liked on it. That said, just had a doughnut for breakfast….

I’d really like to be able to go self-hosted, but
1) I’ve no idea where to start,
2) I don’t want to put money into something I don’t think anyone would want to read
3) this is the 3rd time I’ve ‘relaunched’ my blog, as I’d ended up so depressed over the fact I hardly receive any views and comments.

I’ve had a very lovely camera for about 6 months, and it’s hardly been used. I really want to be able to invest more time in using it and take some photos for my blog / Instagram and general hobby.

I had every intention to start a degree with the OU last year, I received my first lot of books and literally sat and cried (I cried a lot in 2017). My only problem is I don’t know what I want to do, I ‘chop and change’ my mind so often. I’ve an idea of what I want to do – but the only available online course is through the Open Study College and I don’t want to again invest my money into something that’ll be seen as a ‘Mickey Mouse Qualification’

As hypocritical as it seems, with running a blog. I’d like to be able to spend more time reading and doing more creative things. The past few months I’ve found myself with my hand pretty much glued to my phone in my free time. I aim to write a blog post once a week, but I really want to reduce my time on social media – it’s becoming such an unhealthy part of my lifestyle.

Did you fulfil all your resolutions for 2017?
What are your goals for this year?




  1. I love your goals! I resonate with a lot of them, especially saving money, living in the moment and changing my eating habits. It sounds like you had a good year – try not let the bad overshadow what gorgeous memories you made. I hope 2018 is wonderful for you! 💖


  2. I really hope you get to achieve all of these goals this year Hun. I know the feeling of not getting views and reads, but they will come, I promise you.

    May 2018 be a wonderful year for you. I hope you reach every single goal and that you have fun doing it!

    I really loved this post!


  3. Loving these goals! I share so many of them, especially the ones associated more with self care, like caring less about what others think! I’m also going to try that spending less time on social media thing, I think it ties in quite well with the living in the moment thing too – so often we’re too busy taking photos or snapchats or whatever to just enjoy the experience! x



    1. Thank you!
      I am so guilty of taking so many photos! And I always regret that I never really got to experience what was going on! Even with things that I don’t get the chance with that often.
      I think I’ll still take some but not literally every step I take 😂 X


  4. Don’t worry from what I can tell so far…you have awesome content! Everything has its time and you will achieve the stats you dream of…just keep pushing and doing amazing! Lol as for saving money girllll I’m here so low on funds idk when next I’m going out lol.

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com


  5. Thank you for sharing your goals, these are some of mine too. I think when you have them written down it serves as a reminder if you are feeling low about what you want to achieve and when’s you do achieve it you can tick them off. 2018 is going to be your year by the sound of it! Really lovely post xx.

    Rebecca | http://www.rebeccasreviews.com


    1. Thank you!
      At the moment, I feel like I’m living in this bubble, anything negative that’s said “bounces off the wall of said bubble” and I just go on with my day. It’s quite difficult and I’m still getting the hang of it to be fair!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Happy New Year! These are great goals and resolutions! I need to let go of what other think too and eat healthier! xx corinne


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